Prodigal Butch

Beau Dyess
19 min readJul 1, 2020

This is the story of how I was recruited into the gender critical movement, what key players I worked with, and how I left.

NOTE: Since this is a public interest story, and I own the rights to all messages that appear, I’ve blacked out names from the actual images so I can use them in this article. I’m a whistleblower who’s been publicly accused of lying and madness by powerful gender critical women, and I have the right to present my evidence. This story has been altered to comply with Medium’s rules, but the original version is archived and available online for journalists and the public.

Pride 2018 was a significant recruitment month for the GC movement, but most of us weren’t calling it that back then. It was marketed as “lesbian rights” to LGBT people. Theoretically, GCs are critical of gender and question how trans rights impact women’s rights, but the reality is no one has brought anything to the table that isn’t based in bigotry.

They used fear mongering and misrepresentations to manipulate us into believing lesbians were under attack, that our own greater community was silencing and erasing us. There was nonstop criticism of the left, postmodern queer culture, and LGBTQ+ publications and organizations.

We were constantly triggered. Now I realize we were used as pawns in a culture war. It was never about defending and strengthening lesbians. The goal was to divide our community.

I reviewed approximately thirty thousand screenshots I took during my time in the GC movement, and it was an emotionally difficult task. Today I see the propaganda for what it is, but back then my living situation was unstable. I had to auto camp (sleep in my vehicle) to make ends meet, and I’d recently had a window broken while I was showering at the gym. Meals were inconsistent and I was usually tired, so I was vulnerable to GC fear mongering propaganda.

Here are some typical examples of GC fear mongering that lesbians are under attack. One screenshot is censored because this person is now an ex-GC, and their narrative belongs to them.

Compartmentalization was necessary for survival. So were distractions. I worked a full-time job while looking for better work. Except for when I set up camp to sleep, I could forget about my situation and blend in with housed people.

Beau Dyess